Science Curriculum Intent

The science curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to teach pupils the foundational knowledge, concepts and skills of the subject which develop curiosity and awe about the world around them.

Curriculum design ensures delivery of the National Curriculum aims and beyond. It is structured sequentially so that pupils build their understanding of essential knowledge, processes and uses of science in the modern world. This enables pupils to distinguish between and make connections across the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. A sound understanding of these three disciplines equips our pupils with the knowledge needed to learn how to work and think scientifically, taking a rational and logical approach to their exploration of the subject.

In addition, the curriculum is designed to increase pupils’ cultural capital. Pupils are taught about key scientists from across history which challenge stereotypes, links to the knowledge being taught and helps pupils to consider the ethical and moral decisions surrounding scientific developments. They leave Trinity Academy Akroydon with a good understanding of how science has helped them to explain, develop and create the world in which they live, alongside instilling a sense of wonder and intrigue about natural phenomena.

The depth of knowledge gained will give pupils the strong foundations of scientific learning which not only prepares them for future study, but also helps them to understand the uses and implications of science for now and the future.

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