Pastoral Care and Support

Trinity Academy Akroydon understands that when pupils feel settled and secure they will achieve more. The academy’s pastoral system – or the network of support we provide to pupils and parents – is a real strength and forms the basis of all that we do.

We expect all of our children to conform and achieve. Children should be given an overall achievement point for following the Akroydon Absolutes listed below:

  • Wearing correct uniform at all times.
  • Showing good behaviour in the classroom, outside and around school.
  • Giving their best in every lesson.
  • Making contributions in lessons.
  • Listening attentively to others.
  • Being respectful and polite to adults and other children.
  • Taking pride in the presentation of work in all books.
  • Completing homework and keeping planner and reading record up to date.

Achievement points can be given out throughout the day for exceptionally good work, an outstanding contribution in class and great presentation.

Meet our Pastoral Team

Mrs Crawshaw

Pastoral Manager

Mrs McKelvey

Pastoral Officer

Mr Fleming-McGowan

Designated Child Protection Officer and Pupil Wellbeing

Ofsted Good Provider
Trinity Scholars

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