Academy Day

Our academy day is structured to help our children get the very most from their learning experience. The table below illustrates the timings of the day.

Doors open at 8.50am, and parents are asked to arrive at this time to ensure that learning can take place when the academy day commences. Each class has a dedicated entrance, and for security reasons all doors and gates are locked at the formal start of the day, and parents are required to come to the main Reception.

The school does not accept responsibility for pupils before 8.50am and after 3.20pm unless they are participating in agreed activities.

Children are not allowed to leave the premises at any time during the school day without a verbal or written request from the parent. The child must then be collected from school by an adult via the main entrance.

The table below shows the structure of the day.


Class Teacher Drop-off Collection
Acorns Mrs Long 9.00am 3.00pm
Ash – Reception Mrs Haynes / Mrs Bentley 8.50am 3.15pm
Beech – Y1 Mrs Kelly 8.50am 3.15pm
Birch – Y1 Miss Cross 8.50am 3.15pm
Elm – Y2 Miss Hickox 8.50am 3.15pm
Hawthorn –  Y2 Miss Slingsby 8.50am 3.15pm
Hazel – Y3 Miss Wray 8.50am 3.20pm
Holly – Y3 Miss Gatehouse 8.50am 3.20pm
Juniper – Y4 Miss Barnes 8.50am 3.20pm
Linden – Y4 Miss Ali 8.50am 3.20pm
Maple – Y5 Miss Kirkley 8.50am 3.20pm
Oak – Y5 Mr Ladley 8.50am 3.20pm
Willow – Y6 Miss Brindley / Mr Aspden 8.50am 3.20pm
Yew – Y6 Mr Marsden 8.50am 3.20pm


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