Art and Design

Art and Design Curriculum Intent

The Art and Design curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is delivered through timetabled lessons and also through assemblies, trips and visits. It is designed to enable pupils to develop the knowledge and skills required to become creative and individual artists who experiment and create their own works using a range of materials and who are able to evaluate, appreciate and think critically about their work and that of others.

When designing the Art and Design Curriculum, the full national curriculum for art was taken into consideration, ensuring that pupils are exposed to all of the aims and more.
Knowledge and skills are structured so that each term and year build upon one another, ensuring that pupils develop their ability in a range of artistic processes. This enables pupils to not only gain knowledge needed for mastery of art and design techniques, but also to understand the relationship between history, culture and art over time.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils grow to be empathetic, honest and respectful learners who take responsibility for the world that they live in. The artistic study of a rich variety of eras, artists and techniques underpins the curriculum design to ensure that pupils gain an understanding of the wider world and the influence that art has on the world we live in today.

The depth of study undertaken by pupils gives them the knowledge and skills to develop their own art, whilst also learning to express their thoughts and feelings and communicate beyond the written and spoken word.

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