Religious Education

At Trinity Academy Akroydon, our intent when teaching religious education is to build children’s knowledge, respect and understanding of different religions, to inspire curiosity and to provide children with the cultural capital they need to thrive.

Our syllabus is called Believing and Belonging because it includes two key elements.

Firstly, it is about beliefs and values. It aims to develop pupils’ understanding of world faiths and other beliefs, exploring their commonality and diversity.

Secondly, it is about ‘belonging’. It aims to nurture pupils’ awareness of the treasury of diversity, as well as sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and cultures can present. Ultimately, we all share a common humanity and we share this patch of the Earth. Human beings are strengthened and empowered by learning from each other. So, through experience and culture, it is possible to explore the opportunities, challenges and purpose of our individual lives and communities.