Religious Education

RE Curriculum Intent

The RE curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is delivered through the core and enhanced curriculum and is designed to enable pupils to not only be academically successful, but to also develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to be inquisitive and respectful learners about the beliefs and values of others.

The RE curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to deliver the core purposes outlined in the agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds (“Believing and Belonging”) and beyond. Knowledge is structured so that each term and year build upon one another. Pupils gain knowledge of the beliefs and values of world faiths and other beliefs, they make connections between the similarities and differences, draw contrasts and consider more complex ideas about religious studies.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils grow to be empathetic, honest and respectful learners, who take responsibility for the world that they live in. The study of a variety of religious attitudes towards different life events underpins the curriculum design to ensure that pupils gain an understanding of the wider world and the influence that religious teachings have on the world we live in today. Through developing the skills of analysis and evaluation, we aim for our learners to leave us as well-rounded citizens who can critically evaluate and draw conclusions when presented with evidence. The depth of knowledge gained will give pupils the foundations for study at Key Stage 3 and beyond.

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