Winter Weather Procedures

In the event of extreme weather causing the academy to close, parents will be updated in the following manner:

  • Text message from the academy
  • Academy website
  • Social media update

Please make sure you check the above and that the academy has your up-to-date mobile phone number so you can receive text messages.

If you do not receive a text, and no announcement is made on the website, please assume the academy is open and make your way to school in a safe manner. When there are difficult weather conditions, but the academy is able to remain open, we will assess the safest way for children and parents to enter and exit the building. In most circumstances, we have to carry out the risk assessment on the actual day, and it may sometimes be necessary to make a decision not to allow access to the playground and/or other areas of the academy’s grounds. Any areas which are deemed to be unsafe will be clearly cordoned off. We would ask parents to make sure that they do not ignore these signs and ensure that their children do not go into these areas. The academy will notify parents by text on the day about where to drop off and collect their children from as it may not be possible to collect from the usual place.

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