All pupils are expected to wear their uniform to a high standard. This reflects their pride in being part of our academy community, and is important preparation for secondary school, and beyond that, the workplace.

The table below illustrates our uniform requirements. We ask that parents support us by ensuring that their child arrives each day in full uniform, and that the smartness of their uniform is a source of pride.

Boys Girls P.E.
Official Akroydon Primary Academy red jumper Official Akroydon Primary Academy red jumper Plain Red Polo Shirt
White shirt White blouse Black PE shorts
Grey trousers Grey skirt/ pinafore dress or trousers. Black jogging bottoms for outdoor P.E.
White/black socks Red and white checked summer dress Trainers/Pumps for outdoor P.E.
Black school shoes White socks or grey/black tights Swimming costume and towel (Years 3 and 4)
Black school shoes

Hair and Jewellery

  • Students should be well-groomed at all times. Hair should be of one natural colour. Extreme hairstyles, including shaved heads (number 2 cut or less) and unnatural colours are not permitted. Hair braiding and hair fashion items are not allowed.
  • Students may wear a wristwatch and one plain silver or gold stud can be worn in the lobe of each ear.
  • No other piercings are allowed, and must be removed. They must not be left in and covered with plasters.
  • Nail varnish or false nails are not allowed, and students will be required to remove these immediately using products supplied by the academy.