Curriculum Intent

Trinity Academy Akroydon is an inclusive school, situated in the heart of its neighbourhood.  We work with parents to support them in building mindful citizens for the future of Halifax’s community, equipping our children with core British values and deep knowledge. We welcome all children and their families, and are committed to providing an innovative, high-quality education for all our learners, tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that all children achieve their full potential in our bright, vibrant and exemplary indoor and outdoor learning areas. Our subject leaders work to secure consistency of provision, across the full range of National Curriculum subjects. Staff also go beyond the expected, ensuring that the curriculum is not narrowed for any child.

We are proud of our curriculum. It is specifically designed to engage our learners and equip them with the skills to develop a deep interest in gaining new knowledge, by providing rich learning experiences, incorporating opportunities for independent learning. Through a knowledge-based approach, and driven by developing a Culture Capital, children are given the opportunity to apply and deepen their understanding of the wider-world, through the use of carefully thought out visits and visitors.

Our intent is that by building strong links within the locality and further afield, we are helping the children to build their own bright futures, by helping them to become confident, life-long learners.  This is something that is non-negotiable and is built into our core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Aspiration and opportunity are at the core of our curriculum, as we aim to create long-lasting memories and a pride in what it is to be part of the Trinity Akroydon family.

We strive for excellence across the curriculum.  At Trinity Academy Akroydon, staff are proud to work towards achieving this vision, and go above and beyond in supporting the children to surprise themselves daily with what they can achieve.  Leaders value the contribution of each staff member, safe in the knowledge that each interaction with a child creates a new opportunity, new knowledge, new experiences and new memories.

Our core values are designed to support our pupils, parents and staff, to have discipline, resilience, courage and passion to succeed.