Physical Education

PE Curriculum Intent

The PE curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to give pupils the knowledge and skills needed to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness.  The study of PE gives pupils the opportunity to develop their ability in a wide range of physical activities, whilst simultaneously developing leadership, team work and resilience. The sporting offer throughout the school is designed to ensure that there are a wide range of sports on offer, bringing a ‘sports for all’ ethos to all we do. Delivery of the sports curriculum uses a range of teacher expertise and sport specialist support, ensuring that pupils have access to high quality coaching and instruction from a range of avenues.

The PE curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to deliver the National Curriculum aims and beyond; knowledge and skills are structured to ensure that pupils gain the essential foundational skills of physical education and that these are built on each year encouraging pupils to develop their stamina, speed and agility in line with the appropriate stage in their physical development. Pupils simultaneously learn about the impact of sport and nutrition on healthy lifestyles

Our curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to develop in competitive sports and to understand the nature of a fair game and the importance of team work helps build character and resilience in pupils. Decisions have been made to promote confidence and self-esteem of pupils through their participation in lessons and the wider opportunities to represent Trinity Academy Akroydon at external events.

The knowledge and skills gained will give pupils strong foundations for further development of their physical abilities. The appreciation of sport, including those who participate in sport at an elite level, and the confidence to participate in sporting activities is essential for nurturing talent, aspirations and potential career choices.  This is important not only for study of the subject at secondary school and beyond, but also for pupils’ future health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

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