Design and Technology

DT Curriculum Intent

The Design and Technology Curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to give pupils the knowledge and skills needed to design and make prototypes and products which solve real and relevant problems. The study of Design and Technology gives pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination within a practical workspace, whilst also learning how to have a critical understanding of products and the design process.

The Design and Technology curriculum at Trinity Academy Akroydon is designed to deliver the National Curriculum aims and beyond; knowledge is structured so that each term and year build upon one another and ensures pupils gain the essential aspects of the subject knowledge, whilst developing creative, technical and practical expertise. The subject knowledge of Design and Technology draws on knowledge learnt in maths, science, computing and art and the curriculum makes links to this prior knowledge so that pupils can make connections.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils grow to be empathetic, honest and respectful learners who take responsibility for the world that they live in; the study of Design and Technology looks at not just the product design and making process, but also at the moral and ethical implications of certain technological developments, and pupils are encouraged to question and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of new ideas. Through this evaluation pupils also gain skills which can be used to critically evaluate the work of themselves and their peers.

The depth of knowledge gained will give pupils the strong foundations within the study of Design and Technology which not only prepares them for future study, but also helps them to understand the uses and implications of technical developments in our world.

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