At Trinity Academy Akroydon, the geography curriculum is designed to provide children with the opportunity to develop an inquisitive nature about the world in which they live. Children have a creative, interactive and engaging geography curriculum with thought-provoking lessons where they learn about the UK, the world and human and physical geography. It brings the world to the classroom through topics, fieldwork and outdoor learning which ensures they are captivated and developing their geographical knowledge throughout.

English and mathematical skills are applied and extended through collecting and analysing data and interpreting a range of sources of geographical information, in order to develop their locational and place knowledge. The progression of the subject deepens children’s understanding of the links between human and physical processes and gives pupils a sense of belonging to their local environment by exploring their community, the United Kingdom and then extending to how they fit into the wider world. This equips children for their future education and life outside Trinity Academy Akroydon with a curiosity and desire to make a positive impact on our forever changing world.